An Aladdin’s Cave

I would love to have a special hidden away crafting den, filled to the brim with fabric, ribbons, buttons and paints; all slotted away into beautiful storage boxes and cabinets. A place where you can select all manner of items to use in your crafts and know exactly where it is. Not trying to desperately remember when you last had it and what sort of state you left it in after your last mucky masterpiece! A room where you can stop your craft mid-gluing, and leave all those fiddly beads and residual glitter sprawled across the table as you answer the doorbell or check that your dinner isn’t burning. Where it doesn’t matter if you get distracted and don’t get chance to return to your project that evening, because it isn’t your dining table. Where you know no innocent bystander is going to move it to one side “as carefully as they could” and drop your whole pot of beads, or dismantle the gently glued embellishments.

Sadly this is nothing more than a fantasy for me as I do not own a house of my own. Therefore I do not have the authority to put claims to the study and transform it into a magical craft cave for my eyes only. But I do look forward to the concept of owning my own place someday, and making this fantasy a reality. Although whether my craft room will have the wow factor some of these examples do will be another matter altogether!

I hope this post inspires those of you with the means to make a craft room a reality, and gives you storage ideas that can be simple but fantastic. And for those of you without the means to bring these ideas to life… well we can dream eh?

But here they are, the craft rooms of my envy.

Study come craft den

This room uses simple shelves to arrange all the crafting equipment. Although if this room was mine that computer would be swapped for a big craft mat. I love the way the ribbons are stored, it almost resembles an abacus.

Staged shelving

As you can see the shelving is staged. This is a clever idea as it makes it easier to reach those pots at the back without setting everything off like dominoes. And underneath you can just spy the magnetic strips fitted to the wall with metal tins full of embellishments stuck to them. A very simple but very clever idea.

This image was found on Pinterest. Click the link below for the source.

This image was found on Pinterest. Click the link for the source. [Source of desk hideaway]

This is a lovely way to use a deep wardrobe space, if you can afford to give up this much precious clothing space! Maybe you have a spare bedroom with a similar set up? I love how they have chosen a theme colour and kept the inside of the doors plain in that colour but have decorated the back of the wardrobe with a pretty patterned wallpaper. I know there isn’t much of a craft theme about the contents of the cupboard… but you could easily fill it with card-making items or a sewing machine and fabrics. I would maybe think of using a folding chair which can be stored in there by the side of the desk, or a chair that would suit the rest of the room so it isn’t just getting in the way when the cupboard is closed.

This craft room was also found on Pinterest. Click on link for source.

This craft room was also found on Pinterest. Click on link for source. [Source]

This room is seriously dedicated, a whole room or garage set up solely as a craft room. I really like the island in the middle, it makes it easy to keep your project central and have access to any part of the room quickly. Although the other rooms I dream of are brighter with colours, this room keeps the tones neutral. This is probably a good idea in crafts as your head is usually spinning thinking of which colours to marry together in your piece, without the added glare of pinks and greens out the corner of your eye! Again there is a lot of storage units, which is a key part of a crafting den because when you finally have somewhere to stash your collection… It will grow at a considerable pace!

This was found on Pinterest, can't seem to find a source... sorry!

This was found on Pinterest, can’t seem to find a source… sorry!

Now doesn’t this remind you of a sweet shop. All the jars of goodies, shelves bursting with brightly coloured goodies; I would be in heaven! I love the fact that the desk is mostly empty and huge, because although it may look pretty to have jars and pencil pots lined up around the table edge… we all know they will not be staying there for long. Once you get stuck in you will need all the space you can get. I love the coloured fabric squares on pegs in the background, and i also like the files full of paper that has been colour coordinated.

Found on Pinterest, no original source sorry.

Found on Pinterest, no original source sorry.

This is another example of great cupboard space. A really beautiful space, with some really amazing storage ideas. I love how the fabrics are folded and hung, and how the ribbon and wool have been colour coordinated and stored away neatly.

Found on pinterest

Found on pinterest

Now this one for me is the ultimate sewing or craft room. You have a big plush rocking chair for those fiddlier tasks that take what seems like forever to complete so a comfy rocking chair would be a luxury over a bolt upright wooden number. The fabrics are stored on shelves in tied up bundles or folded neatly. I think the shear amount of fabric is the thing that draws you in, as to own that amount of beautiful fabrics would cost an arm and a leg! If this was at one end of the room, and at the opposite end was a mirror image but with paper crafts, glue guns, beads and other craft equipment… then that would be perfection. I’m getting a bit carried away now aren’t I?

I think that is a good place to stop before I spend all day and all night scanning through Pinterest and dreaming materialistic dreams. I hope you enjoyed my first post, and feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you.

(And by the way a lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest, and if you do not already have an account or know what it is… I would suggest clicking on the link here and starting your Pinterest love affair. It is completely free and completely fabulous! Pinterest < click)


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